Residential Construction Company in Abilene, KS

Every residential new home we build for you here at Scott Dawson Builders, Inc. is always special. We aren’t the type of construction company that constructs an entire subdivision of new houses as quickly as possible. When you’re looking for a different kind of home here in the greater Abilene, KS area, you don’t want to waste your time on construction companies whose idea of custom new home construction is presenting you with a pre-set catalog of options.

When you choose Scott Dawson Builders, Inc as your residential new home construction company, you get the advantage of a construction company backed by over 35 years of experience in new home construction and remodeling here in the Abilene, KS area. Whether you’re looking for a small affordable home or a larger dream home, we can build you a truly custom residence.

Reasons We Should Build Your New Home in Abilene, KS

  • We construct one home at a time
  • We build every home ourselves
  • Our dream it, build it, love it customer care philosophy
  • Our residential homes are truly custom built
  • We can build affordable homes or larger, luxury homes
  • Our homes tend to increase in value

When you’re shopping around for a construction company in Abilene, KS to build you a residential new home, you want a contractor that’s not going to trust your home to other subcontractors or not be involved in every step of the process. You don’t need a construction company that won’t give you much choice or flexibility when they build you a house.

Don’t waste your time on other construction companies, call Scott Dawson Builders, Inc today.

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